Q Ban gets buzz with 'Fast Cash'


September 22, 2017
Contributed Q Ban

Dancehall artiste Q Ban is delighted with the buzz that he has been getting since the release of his latest music video for the single, 'Fast Cash', on the Mastermind Productions label.

The video features a short movie with a storyline of a young man coming into quick dollars by duping a dangerous drug dealer and the fallout that ensues from that action.

"I came up with the storyline for the video, and everybody is loving the drama and acting in the video which was released on YouTube. The response has been phenomenal," he said.

He is not signed to any label, but is using his own independent label, Mexicano Records, to release his future singles.

Born Carey Charlton, the 25-year-old Mandeville native has been trying his hand at music for over seven years, but took a hiatus for a few years to achieve some professional goals before returning to do music full time.

"I have a passion, drive and love for music, so I had to return to do it. Now I can do things on my own terms. I can invest in my own music and drive my own vision," he said.

He teamed up with producer Adrian 'Mastermind' Lawrence to put out Fast Cash, and the song is already paying dividends.

"I have over 200,000 views on more than one Instagram site, so my fan base is growing. Me neva choose music, music choose me, and the fans a give me the encouragement to keep pushing forward," he said.

prolific writer

Q Ban is already working on the follow-up single with a US-based beatmaker on his own Mexicano Records. Q Ban is known for the singles, Float It and Weh Di Money De?, the latter of which peaked at number five on the HYPE TV Top 20 singles chart in 2011.

He has worked in the past with producers such as Freeze, Christopher Birch, and Elvis Redwood. He is a prolific writer, and at this stage of his career, chooses to record his own material.

"I want to get my voice, my experiences, and tell my narrative. In 2017, I am coming with a different energy right now. Mi a come fi take my place in the dancehall game, and I am in full creative control of my situation. So, watch out world," Q Ban said.

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