Tom Laing stays true to his roots


September 22, 2017
@Normal:Tom Laing

Although most of his earlier recordings were done on computerised rhythms, over the past five years, reggae singer Tom Laing has opted to record on live rhythms only.

He said the decision has paid rich dividends for him.

"I began recording on live rhythms in 2013, and since then my career has grown tremendously," he said.

Since 2013, Laing has topped reggae charts worldwide with songs such as Belly of The Beast, featuring Capleton, Finally Free, and his remake of the Gregory Isaacs classic, Front Door.

"I'm a Trench Town youth, and I look up to all the great singers and musicians from Trench Town. I want to carry on this rich tradition of making good, authentic reggae music," he said. "No computer software can give you the real sound that a musician playing an instrument can, it just doesn't have that live feel."

Laing has remained true to his Trench Town Roots; the New York-based artiste is a firm believer in the power of roots reggae music.

The easy-going entertainer has topped the charts once again with his thought-provoking single, Kings Highway

The song is featured on his EP Love Is Ok.

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