Venomus rises with YouTube views


September 22, 2017

Reggae artiste Venomus released a video for his popular 'Rise Again' single featuring Jahvante on September 15 via, racking up more than 10,000 views in only one week. The video will be made available for cable TV next week.

The single has been generating major airplay on FM radio over the past two months, and this video is expected to give the song a major boost. Rise Again was released on the Sasaine Music label in April.

"Rise Again is one of the hottest reggae songs in rotation in Jamaica right now. Team Shella, Hotta Ball, DJ Banka, Fyah Bigs, Boom Boom, CD Fantasy, the streets a support the song, and the radio a bun up with IRIE, ZIP, Hitz, and Suncity Radio. It's a great look," the artiste, whose real name is Ishmael Thompson, said.

The buzz in the streets landed him a spot on the Pepsi Refresh tour, and he made several energetic, high-energy performances on the concert series.

After much promotion, Venomus is now eyeing Europe.

"In the streets, everybody a say mi buss, but mi just a push through with the hard work same way, still writing songs towards the album, still voicing dubs and jingles. Nothing nuh change," he said.

Venomus, who first came to attention years ago for his work on the popular One Drop single, is also promoting another song, Complicated, which was released on the Dejavu Label in late March.

He recently released a mixtape with the singles, and he is currently working on his first album titled Complicated, slated to be released early next year.

Venomus grew up in the community of Waterhouse, Kingston 11, and was raised along with his siblings in a single, parent home. His passion for music started at an early age as he played the drums in church. He lists Bob Marley and Sizzla Kalonji as his biggest musical influences.

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