New York awaits Strictly 2K


September 29, 2017
Strictly 2K was packed to capacity in May.
ZJ Chrome
Their outfits might be inspired by fashion from the 2000s, but these two still turned heads at the May staging of Strictly 2K.

The Garage Night Club in Bronx, New York, is set to come alive today as Strictly 2K: Best of the 2000s takes over the scene. The event, which had its debut in Kingston, Jamaica, just last year, is already one of the most anticipated events locally, and judging by presale ticket sales, New York is no different.

The organisers of the event, ZJ Chrome and Jamrock Entertainment Management (JEM), have been happy with the response from the diaspora to date.

"The feedback has been great so far. People in New York have been waiting for an event like Strictly 2K, and it's finally here," said IB Konteh, JEM's communications director. "We are excited to see how the event is received, and we can't wait to wow patrons with what we have in store."

The organisers are keen to start with a bang in the Big Apple, and ZJ Chrome believes the music will play a big role in that.

"It will definitely be a diverse crowd, so it is important that we meet the expectations of every patron," Chrome said. "While the event is predominantly reggae, patrons will be feted with soca, hip-hop and R&B as well."

Strictly 2K will see the likes of Jamaica's own ZJ Liquid and ZJ Chrome providing the authentic dancehall energy. New York's DJ Madout and Jamaica-born US-based DJ Kheemy complete a musical line-up that is tasked with thrilling patrons with waist-gyrating, fist-pumping hits of the 2000s.

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