Allfaces Entertainment drops Fully Bad rhythm


October 04, 2017
Munga Honorebel

Known within the industry for producing hit after hit, Allfaces Entertainment Records is at it again with the Fully Bad rhythm.

The rhythm, which was officially released on September 25, made its way into digital stores through 21st Hapilos.

Featured on the rhythm are artistes such as Turbulence (Caah Come Chat Up), Teflon (Nuh Badda Try), Munga (Nothing Nah Gwaan), Fully Bad (We Nuh Tek Bullilly) and Nicko Blast (From Dem Diss).

"Each artiste on the rhythm brought their own style of music to the rhythm. The rhythm has a song for every fan, a little bit of dancehall infused with reggae and new era flows. Fans all over the world are already sharing their favourite song all over social media," shared Kirk Hill, CEO of Allfaces Entertainment.

The company, which stands as management for artistes like Turbulence, Lisa Hyper and Courtney Melody, has been working tirelessly for more than a decade to make its name among the greats.

Even with this project in its early stages, Allfaces has new projects in the pipeline such as the Bad Gyal, Henne and the Crime Boss rhythms, which are all slated to be released before Christmas.

"Many persons may look at it and wonder why my team is releasing so many projects behind each other, but if you have good music, it has to be shared with the world. I have many hits within these new releases, so fans can look out," said Hill.

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