Bridgez goes sexy on new music video


October 04, 2017

Dancehall artiste Bridgez showed some skin in her latest music video for the songs Unreal and Pweddy Wine.

Popular producer Cornelius produced Unreal, while Kswizzbeatz produced Pweddy Wine. The video was directed by Bridgez.

In recent times, artistes have used outrageous lyrics, sexually explicit visuals and nudity to bring attention to their craft.

However, Bridgez said her raunchy antics were just her way of expressing herself.

"Being an artiste helped me to tap into different characters of myself, characters I would not necessarily show in real life. Being sexy and seductive is just another character of mine that I express through my songs. It's like when an actor chooses the right movie to audition for themselves," she said.

The audio of the song is already in circulation on iTunes, and is distributed on Hapilos Digital Distribution Inc. The video will be out in short order, according to the artiste.

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