Rain puts damper on Rising Stars campaigning

October 06, 2017
Short Boss

Touriss and Short Boss are in final gear of the 13th season of Digicel's Rising Stars. Before they arrive at the finish line, the two finalists must take to the streets for the last campaign weekend. Unfortunately for them, a week's worth of showers and thunderstorms thwarted otherwise well-laid plans.

"Inna di rain me deh. Literally inna di rain," Touriss told THE WEEKEND STAR.

When asked how the weather has affected his campaign, he said: "It slow it up bad, man. Can't get to go where I'm going. I just haffi pray and go out."

Since the beginning of the competition, the aspiring recording artiste has hosted Touriss Thursdays in his community of Cross Keys. According to Touriss, the party is held whether there is rain or shine.

And in the event Touriss catches a case of the sniffles, the contestant said: "Nuh just throw some rum pon mi headtop and mi gone!"

Regardless of the inclement weather, Touriss said that although campaigning is not easy, it's worth it.

"It's stressing! So much work; so much sun, so much rain, but it paid off. I'm in the top two, and I'm very grateful," he said.

The same can be said for Short Boss, who told THE WEEKEND STAR that the rain was giving him a hard time.

"Campaigning not looking so good at all. Rain treating us really bad, very bad. I normally try to campaign throughout the week. I don't just get up and go. I make a plan, and every day this week, we have rain," he said.

When contacted yesterday, Short Boss was leaving Mandeville and heading back home to Kingston.

"I went to some schools. Two schools, because I couldn't find one. That took up most of my time," he said.

Short Boss managed to visit Maggoty High and Mile Gully High, and Old Harbour High on Tuesday.

"I wasn't able to thank everyone who has been voting, so I'd like to thank everybody that has been voting, so many places and people," he said.

He especially highlighted Macho Entertainment, Alcar Construction, Our Place (102 Hope Road) Ken's Wildflowers (Portmore), Ika and Loodi from Little Ochie, St. John's Wholesale and Turbo Crown. Short Boss also extended thanks to former Rising Stars contenders India Celine and Jerome Riley, as well as dubplates generator Garth Robinson, "who cancels business to be on the road with me," he confessed. 

Meanwhile, Touriss gave special thanks to his mother, Oneil (a policeman who has been helping his campaign) and his uncle's Catholic priest, Father Patrick. 

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