Mr Easy seeks Billboard chart with 'Privacy'

October 18, 2017
Mr Easy

With a career spanning over 15 years, Mr Easy has been quiet in recent times, but the veteran dancehall artiste is confident that he will have no problems reconnecting with fans with his latest single, 'Privacy'.

According the singer, the song is poised to become his next major hit.

Since its release in September, the music video has amassed over 170,000 views. The video features controversial dancer Marvin the Beast, who traded in his usually acrobatic antics for more sensual and sexual choreography with a female partner.

According to his publicist Ronnie Tomlinson said: "The single not only speaks to me but it is so relatable because not all females want their relationship public nowadays. We don't necessarily want to follow the trend of putting everything out there on social media for the world to see, we love we privacy."

Mr Easy climbed international charts over five years ago with the hit record Drive Me Crazy.

He also gave some insight on the inspiration behind the song.

"It was all natural. It was nothing planned, but the rhythm spoke to me and naturally, this is what came to mind. It was a sexy track and immediately what came to mind was Privacy," he said. "I started writing and the rest was history. When there is a good-quality production it always impacts the artiste in a natural way."

The song was produced by popular selector Hotta Ball and is in rotation on US-based radio stations.

"We are on the international radio and so don't be surprised if we have a Billboard hit on our hands," Tomlinson said.

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