G Blunt anticipates record deal


October 26, 2017
G Blunt

Dancehall artiste and ghostwriter G Blunt is currently negotiating a distribution deal for his upcoming projects with a popular international record label.

G Blunt is known for his work with the Stone Love Sound system, which backed some of his previous projects.

However, he hopes through an alliance with the record label that he will be able to tap into new fanbase internationally.

"I am very pleased that the label acknowledges my independent efforts in the world of reggae-dancehall and has given me the opportunity to catapult these projects miles ahead in reggae music. I am really looking forward to enjoying much success," he said. "I cannot say too much about the deal, but I am happy with it, considering I am still a very young act commercially."

G Blunt is yet to produce a album, but said due to the changes in the consumption of music internationally, professionally produced mixtapes can do wonders for an artiste.

"People are not buying music anymore; they are streaming now. So people like Drake and Young Thug have managed to sell gold by the steaming of their mixtapes. That is why this deal is so important. They (the label) have the means of getting onto some of the best streaming platforms, and I have the projects ready and waiting to unleash," he said. "People used to look at mixtapes as a free-for-all, but the game is changing as streaming is opening avenues for mixtapes to be monetised."

G Blunt has written music for several notable dancehall artistes and has even penned jingles for political campaigns.

The deejay will be releasing a new single titled Caution and two new remixes in coming days.

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