Platinum Kids proud of World Clash effort


October 27, 2017
Garfield 'Chin' Bourne (centre) with the Platinum Kids outfit after they won the US Rumble sound in New York City.

Sound system Platinum Kids turned heads when, as a juggling sound, they won Irish and Chin's US Rumble sound clash title earlier this year.

This gained them entry into the recently concluded World Sound Clash competition in Canada, where they performed creditably, despite not winning the coveted trophy.

According to Platinum Kids publicist Ronnie Tomlinson, they have opened doors for juggling sounds in the clash arena.

"When they made the decision to participate in the US Rumble, many critics felt they were easy walkovers, and guess what? They walked away with the title against the odds," she said. "We are already seeing other sound systems taking steps to come out of their comfort zones and step into the battlefield."

Promoter of World Clash, Garfield 'Chin' Bourne, also credited Platinum Kids for their boldness.

"Platinum Kids winning the US Rumble Championship earlier this year and a strong performance in World Clash 2017 ... further helps me to push my vision of juggling sounds being accepted in the sound clash arena," he said in a release. "I have been striving for a unified arena, which recognises talent and doesn't make a distinction between juggling and clash."

Platinum Kids members, Paul Platinum and Marcus Wanted, in a joint release said: "This (World Clash) has been one of the most anticipated events in our career if not the most. We might have won, but the culture of sound clash won due to the fact that juggling sounds are now pouring in," Platinum Kids noted.

They will also launch their own brand of clothing this year, called Stop Badmind.

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