Choirs to get funds for school development


October 31, 2017

The Digicel Foundation will be putting the top three choirs in the 2017 TVJ All Together Sing high school choir competition in charge of $1 million to decide how the funds will be spent on their schools' development.

First, second and third-place schools with receive $500,000, $350,000 and $150,000, respectively, after which the student singers will select a school project to spend the money on.

"We're putting the power into the hands of students because they often have some great ideas on how to address challenges in their schools. This is also a very good way for them to learn about working better together and how to take on higher responsibilities," said Dane Richardson, CEO of the Digicel Foundation. "I am very excited to see what they'll come up with and why they made that choice."


The foundation is changing the way prize-giving is done, while maintaining strong support for the winning schools.

"TVJ welcomes the donation of the $1-million grant from the Digicel Foundation. Each week, the choirs give their all through wholesome and engaging performances, the preparation for which requires intense dedication and commitment. The choirs are most deserving, and we are sure that the students will select projects beneficial to the entire school community," said Natonia Sylva, marketing and sales manager at Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ).

Last year's talented winners from Old Harbour High School walked away with a mobile science laboratory, a range of scientific instruments, interactive whiteboards, and tablets. These were issued through Digicel Foundation's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information.

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