Laden shines with 'Gal Legend'


November 02, 2017

The man who once wondered aloud when it would be his time to shine has shone a light on how a true 'gyallis' lives with his new single, Gal Legend, on the Open Rebuke rhythm.

Produced by GaGa Productions, Gyal Legend chronicles a man who makes getting women a habit, boldly stating: 'Mi still a play the gyallis game, all when mi ankle and mi wrist sprain.'

Any true ladies' man can relate to this hit in the making, as it details a man in control, full of swagger and confidence in his daily approach.

Backed by a thumping bass line and armed with a fluent lyrical delivery, Laden makes it known how much he loves the ladies, but that he won't be taken for a fool, either. This nearly three-minute anthem gets straight to the point, popularising a term only reserved for true top men adored by women all over. In his case, a Gal Legend with international status.

The song has already gone viral on social media ahead of the Open Rebuke rhythm release, set for November 3 via iTunes and other major digital music outlets. It solidifies a compilation filled with personality and which hits out against the norms in society. It's a real song for men unashamed to boast about their love for women and how they go about seducing them.

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