St Catherine label tries to impact music scene


November 04, 2017
Lukie D

The parish of St Catherine has been a hotbed for music over the years. From emerging to established artistes and music production entities, St Catherine has played its part in keeping Jamaican music at the forefront.

Ewarton-based Hon'y Combs Records has its sights set on making a huge impact on the music scene. The label recently released the burgeoning 'Wet Leaf' rhythm project.

"The inspiration behind Wet Leaf rhythm is to make a new start after three years of ups and down. I really want this to be the project that puts Hon'y Combs Records on the musical landscape and put us among the big names in the business," said label executive Michael Kerr.

"We want music lovers to hear good music and for artistes who would like to do work with us to have the opportunity to do so."

Produced by Christopher Rosewell, the Wet Leaf rhythm features Gun Play by Terry Ganzie, Addicted To Your Love by Lukie D, Nothing Gonna Change My Love for You by Ras Bogle, Carrying this Heavy Load by Gott Yo, The Poor A Suffer by Devano, Mankind Will Fail You by R Embassida, and Down In Jamaica by Blass.

According to Kerr, the feedback has been positive.

"The response has been very good, and people really like the songs. We have been getting really good feedback from as far as in St Maarten," he said.

This is the third rhythm project released by the six-year-old label. Its previous efforts were Bitta Heart and Sweet Rain Drops.

A video for one of the songs, Terry Ganzie's Gun Play, is currently in rotation.

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