Shelly Belly, Sanjay counteract Ding Dong's 'Genna Bounce'


November 10, 2017
Sanjay (left) and Shelly Belly.
Ding Dong

With a competitive rivalry that started many years ago, dancers Shelly Belly and Ding Dong's relatively low-key feud has garnered momentum with the release of Sanjay and Shelly Belly's song, 'Which Bomb?'.

The duo said the song is a direct counteraction to Ding Dong's Genna Bounce single.

"Over the years, him throw him word in song and in the streets, and me no answer him. Now that him see things going well for me, him start remix my slang and still disrespecting me, so me haffi answer in song," Shelly said.

The single has been making its rounds in the streets and at various nightly events and has been getting good responses from industry players and fans alike.

"We talking a lot of truth in the song and so the people responding to it. We created Beleh Beleh and Ding Dong twist it and say Lebeh Lebeh, and, at the same time, is hyping and dissing Shelly Belly in the streets. We had to let dancehall know what is really taking place," Sanjay added

Both wanted to assure their fans that this is simply a battle of words.

"Dancehall is all about competitiveness and counteraction in every space, even with dancers. But it doesn't need to get to a violent place at all; we intend to keep the 'war' on the dancefloor," Sanjay added

Sanjay and Shelly Belly have been having musical chemistry for a while and have recorded quite a few collaborations, including the trending Bully and Sculla Skwella single.

The two are focusing on the Sculla Skwella project, which is gaining momentum worldwide, and should have the official music video out shortly.

The video for Which Bomb? can be viewed online on Sanjay's YouTube channel.

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