Strictly 2K returns with 'Fashion Ova Style'


November 10, 2017
ZJ Chrome
Their outfits might be inspired by fashion from the 2000s, but these two still turned heads at the May staging of Strictly 2K.

Strictly 2K Best of the 2000s will return to Kingston in December after an international run in New York back in September.

Slated for Saturday, December 30, at the National Stadium, organisers ZJ Chrome and Jamrock Entertainment Management (JEM) say they are eager to have patrons join them in celebrating the first anniversary of the event.

"The event is earmarked as one of the season's most anticipated events and the organisers are excited to show patrons what they have to offer.

"We have so much in store for our patrons this year," ZJ Chrome said, pointing out that the event will definitely have patrons reminiscing on the early 2000s and the music that dominated that era.


"With everything that this team does, the aim is always to please our patrons. We want to ensure that the moment they step pass the entrance, the feeling of 2017 leaves and the aura of the early 2000s sets in."

JEM's marketing director, IB Konteh, echoed Chrome's sentiments, citing that they will always seek to do more for patrons.

"The overall patron experience is very important to us, and it is for that reason we work closely with our partners to give each and everyone the best that this era has to offer," Konteh shared.

This year, the Strictly 2K team will pay their respects to the late Bogle, a dancehall icon whose music and style dominated the early 2000s before his untimely passing in 2005. Soliciting one of his most famous adages 'Fashion Ova Style' as this year's theme, the organisers wants patrons to don their best new-millennium outfits as they want the whole vibe at the event to embody that era.

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