Smoodface releases 'Against All Odds'


November 18, 2017

Producer and recording artiste Smoodface recently released the single 'Against All Odds'.

Self-produced on his Glendevon Records imprint in conjunction with Real Queffa Records, the single is set to hit digital stores in coming weeks through Tune Core.

"Against All Odds is for everyone who has ever been in a situation where they felt like giving up but found the strength to go on. It stands as a motivational track for anyone who listens, no matter what happens, you can overcome," said Smoodface.

Released on YouTube and Soundcloud for promotional use, the single has already received over 17,000 streams online, making it an anthem for many music lovers.

"My fans are requesting a video, and since they have been the backbone of my success I plan on releasing the visuals in 2018," he said. "The video will depict moments when an individual has been down but found the strength to carry on."

Smoodface said he is going full force with the promotion of the song, and is confident it will dominate the international reggae scene with the help of his PR team, MIA Production.

Smoodface, who is still basking in the success of his summer promotional tour in Jamaica, said that he has a number of singles slated to be released, but fans should especially look out for Sweet Like Life.

He is known for singles such as Love Memory, Mek She Scream, Stress Free and Gogo, which made an impact on the local dancehall scene during his tour.

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