Kary Diamond is out to 'Inspire You'


November 24, 2017
Kary Diamond

Kary Diamond has a Cinderella-type story. But unlike the storybook character who was living in unfortunate circumstances until her fairy godmother helped to bring about a remarkable change in fortune, she had no magical intervention.

As a child, Kary Diamond, whose given name is Karyann Lawson, grew up Clarendon before eventually migrating to North America.

However, the untimely passing of her mother led to her living in the streets of Florida.

Kary Diamond said that it was her faith and resolve that kept her going, and one day while on the bus, she stumbled across an advert in a tabloid for models.

Despite her circumstances, she landed the, and that became the catalyst in her life transformation.


"In spite of my circumstances and all that I've been through, I knew in my heart that I was destined to be successful. If you can dream it, then believe it, then you will have it," she said.

Kary Diamond's most recent project is titled Inspire You.

"When I look all over the world, I see people dying, some hungry, have no food to eat, so I ask myself one thing, what can I do to inspire you ..." are just some of the lyrics from the song.

The ballad not only speaks to the common folk, but also the disenfranchised and socio-economically challenged of this world.

She recalled working at a magazine company and local radio station where her childhood love for music was further amplified.

That experience gave birth to the name Kary Diamond.

Inspired by acts such as Bounty Killer, Sean Paul and Shaggy, Kary Diamond began seriously delving into music and soon recorded her first album, which was never released.

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