Kyenie releases debut album


November 29, 2017
Contributed Kyenie

Soulful reggae artiste Kyenie recently released his debut album titled 'Change Things'.

"This is my debut album and it takes you on a journey rooted in reggae with traces of dancehall, rock, acoustic soul and even hip hop," he said. "Change Things transcends cultural and age differences, blending spiritual vibes and hardcore truths that display a depth of consciousness way beyond my personal life but different times as well. Throughout the album fans will be exposed to my lyrical versatility and passion to change the face of music based on my inspirations, everyday happenings and the Most High."

The artiste recently performed in Burbank, California where reggae fans heard songs like Love Means Everything and the album's title track.

He said the feedback has been great, especially in California, and he is looking forward to continuing to perform internationally and pushing reggae music across borders.

"Music is a mission and as clichE as it sounds it is the realest way to put it. I just want reggae fans to believe in the new generation and purchase our records so that the music can continue to grow," he said. "In this time where drug use and global wars are so prevalent, we need music like reggae to keep the people grounded. This is by far the only genre that pays attention to social and international issues in this manner and that is why Bob Marley was so loved by the masses," he said.

Kyenie is currently preparing to go out on his Change Things club tour.

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