Quality led to Grammy selections - Gramps Morgan

December 01, 2017
Gramps Morgan

Gramps Morgan, of the two-time Grammy nominated reggae band Morgan Heritage, believes the recognition paid to Jamaican reggae musicians in this Grammy cycle is an attestation to the quality of production.

"We've become more adamant about it, in Jamaican reggae music, that it needs to be maintained and held to a high standard. The quality in this year's nominees is exceptional. Kudos to the Academy those who made the final decision. They put thought into it," he said.

Morgan Heritage has been nominated in the 60th annual Grammy Awards for their album Avrakedabra in the category Best Reggae Album. Other nominated Jamaicans are Chronixx (Chronology) and Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley (Stony Hill).

"The mixes of these albums are first class. I'm really proud. Even if we weren't nominated, I can see why everyone else was. It's not about just wanting to hustle the music, and put 20 artistes on one rhythm," he said. "We love the juggling, but continuing to put out products like these lowers our standards on an international level," Gramps said.

For the band, the second nomination affirms the strength of the family sound and the fortitude of their record label, Cool To Be Conscious Records.

"We were nominated as a label, producers and songwriters. Coming out like that with a first nomination and win, now another nomination ... it's hard in this industry," he said.

After his brother Lukes Morgan took on the administrative management of fellow Grammy-nominated band Raging Fyah, Gramps believes that experience can be lent to the potential success of other upcoming acts.

He believes that Morgan Heritage can pay it forward through the label.

"It's not all about us. It's about the music. I'm looking forward to the future, to becoming an executive," he confessed.

He said the band's new music came about because they wanted to "do what we've never done before."

"After so many years in the business, you have to become creative in your creativity. You think about how to make what has been celebrated greater, how to not become repetitive with melodies, song subjects, lyrics, music producers," he said.

This includes collaborating with another famous reggae family, the Marleys.

Avrakedabra features the vocals of Ziggy and Stephen Marley on a song aptly titled One Family.

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