Droop Lion to embark on US tour


December 08, 2017
Droop Lion

Reggae firebrand artiste Droop Lion will be embarking on a United States tour in June 2018 when he will open for the iconic Toots Hibbert and the Maytals.

"Toots Hibbert is a real international icon, so I am looking forward to this tour on a monumental scale because of what it will mean for reggae music," he said.

Droop Lion will return to his familiar stomping ground in mainland Europe and the United Kingdom between February and March 2018, alongside Junior Kelly, to promote his Idealogies album

"The response to the album has been incredible. The radio is supporting the Leaders Sell Out track. We will be shooting two new videos within the next six weeks for Leaders Sell Out and another single from the album," Droop Lion said.

The artiste recently did a controversial TV interview in which he lambasted artistes such as Capleton and Anthony B for abandoning their leadership rules in the reggae industry. Droop Lion is not afraid of any blowback from his comments.

"Mi have to talk about the corruption and the governance fi go pon the ting. A brighter light a shine ya now. We no business bout dem because mi tell dem fi get up, enuh, and if dem caan get up, dem haffi tek weh demself," he said.

He is known for the singles such as Screaming and the powerful Freeway, which was inspired by the cataclysmic Tivoli Gardens incursion in 2010, where over 70 persons were killed.

"(The song) is not just about the atrocity and the deaths in Tivoli Gardens, though ... it's about all the senseless killings in this world. The whole thing is complex. I want to stop bloodshed all over the world," he said.

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