Starface turns new leaf


December 12, 2017
Contributed Starface

After being embroiled in a verbal spat with fellow entertainer Spice earlier this year, recording artiste Starface says that she is turning a new page in her musical career and considers events of the past to be a closed chapter.

The emerging star, whose given name is Nadesha Edwards, admitted that she has made some missteps on her journey, but explained that they were partially due to misguided advice from former members of her team. Not wanting to debase anyone in particular, she said that the faux pas serves as a lesson not to be repeated.

"It's important to be an optimist, hence I try to take the positives from situations of the past instead of dwelling on negativity. Right now, I think it's these negative things that are holding back a lot of us as females, and especially as artistes, in a male-dominated industry," she said.

Armed with a revamped management team spearheaded by Konsequence Muzik, Starface said that she is ready for everything that the new year has to offer.

The Denham Town native added that as part of her rebranding exercise, fans can expect more diversity in her music going forward.

"I just released a new single and video on Vevo titled Focus, a very uplifting song that many persons, especially from the inner-cities, can relate to. Other productions are doing well in the space, including No Free Love, a very energetic anthem for the ladies, and Oh Yeah, a collaboration with Latin American based dancehall star Eshconinco," Starface said.


With aspirations of becoming a global superstar, Starface said that music is not just a job, but a way of life for her. Hence, a lot, though not all of her music, comes from a personal place.

A philanthropist at heart, Starface noted that her drive to succeed is not merely for personal gratification, but also to assist in nation building and rendering aid to many of the displaced and disenfranchised within our society.

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