Suku enforces dancehall 'Law'


December 13, 2017

The 'Law' rhythm is one of the latest hit productions to blaze the streets, spearheaded by Suku of Ward 21.

It is jam-packed with features from some of Jamaica's favourite acts, such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Tifa, Agent Sasco and Bugle. With 13 tracks, the rhythm was released under Suku's Misik Muzik label.

The process all started with Agent Sasco's song, Our Law, and from that, a few calls, emails, WhatsApp messages were sent, and in no time, a host of artistes were on board to lay down their own tracks.

"I make and arrange the rhythm on my laptop, set the mix, get the songs recorded wherever the artiste wants to record, collect the recordings, then mix them on my laptop," said Suku, explaining the creative process behind building the project.

Through his label, he makes sure that his sound is unique, with the distinctive heavy bass and kick drums that he uses. The Law rhythm has an old-school/new-school feel, mixing the vibe of past dancehall with the present and creating a sound that people with different preferences can enjoy.

"My aim is always to stand out in whatever I put my hands to," he said.

Plans for music videos to accompany the tracks are not immediately in place, but Suku is currently going with the momentum of the release and taking note of the feedback.

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