Jada Kingdom releases 'Unwanted' video


January 18, 2018
Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom released her second video for her new single 'Unwanted' on Christmas Day, and it trended at number one on YouTube for several days with over 260,000 views.

Her team followed it up by dropping the audio for the single on all digital platforms on January 12, and are delighted by the response.

"Apple Music showed Jada a lot of love by placing the single on the front page of their iTunes Reggae home page, as well as putting it on their A List: Reggae and Breaking Reggae playlists," explained manager Julian Jones-Griffith. He said that the song has been added to Spotify Japan's official Newest Pop Mix playlist.

Unwanted is the second single from Jada's thematic EP, named Wull On.

"We decided to take a different approach to releasing an EP. Instead of just releasing it all one time on a set release date, we decided to release it with visuals in four instalments," said Jada.

Each video is another chapter in an ongoing story with each song reflecting that. There are four chapters to the EP.

"So it is an EP but not in the traditional sense," she said.

Her first release Love Situations, now at 1.3 million YouTube views, set tongues wagging because it used the 'kill room' scene from the popular TV series Dexter.

Unwanted sees Jada going through the mental and emotional turmoil of the consequences of Love Situations.

"I'm so excited for people to see and hear the third release, it's the EP's title track Wull On, produced by Birch," said Jada. "It showcases me singing some more."

Wull On is slated for a March release.

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