Marcia Griffiths signed to new booking agency


January 19, 2018
Marcia Griffiths

New York-based Donsome Booking Agency now has veteran reggae singer Marcia Griffiths on its client list after the entertainer recently signed an exclusive booking deal.

The company, which has secured bookings for many local and international artistes, is well known throughout the music industry for its professionalism and commitment to its clients.

In a media release sent to THE WEEKEND STAR, Griffiths, who recently celebrated 54 years in the music industry, said that the reason behind the new deal is simple: she wants a company with experience and one that epitomises professionalism.

"Donsome Booking Agency is well known in the music fraternity for their meticulous work and how they collaborate with their artistes and guide them in a professional manner to elevate their musical career," she said. "So because of their track record, I decided to acquire their services to represent me."

Griffiths expressed confidence that her association with the company would only elevate and enhance her career.

Donsome is headed by Adrian 'Donsome' Hanson. In the same release, he expressed joy at the opportunity to work with Griffiths.

"The plan is to take the Queen of Reggae to the zenith path of her musical career and rejuvenate and expand her fan base across the world. So her faithful fans will once again have the opportunity to see her on tour in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and the Caribbean," he said.

Griffiths is currently recording her new single and said that it would be released in a few weeks.

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