Buzz Rock Di Great gets love from Africa


February 03, 2018
Contributed Buzz Rock Di Great

Recording artiste Buzz Rock Di Great might be relatively unknown in Jamaica, but he is gradually developing a strong following in Ghana due to his social-networking skills.

The artiste, who hails from Montego Bay, is encouraging fellow under-appreciated artistes to seek greener pastures.

"For a while, like everybody else, I was focused on only getting acceptance from the Jamaican crowd, but after struggling to get their attention due to industry politics. I decided that I would have to spread my wings if I expect to have any kind of success in music," he said. "So I would encourage the artistes dem weh believe inna themselves to try other markets and use the Internet to make connections," he said.

He believes that foreigners are more objective in their appreciation of music than Jamaicans.

"The issue with the Jamaican industry is that young talents are not being played, so it is hard to make a connection win fans. I find that overseas, they listen to music for the love and the vibe and not because an artiste is popular or hype. Jamaica is too hype based right now, and that a mash up music," he said.

The artiste is promoting records like Summertime, Bonnie and Clyde, and World Song. He said that he is getting great feedback in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

"I will start releasing more videos to get out to Jamaicans more, but I just want to say big up to the Africans, who always show wi love," he said.

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