Theron says it's all 'because of you'


February 03, 2018

Reggae singer Theron is optimistic that his single 'Because of You' will help to make his name a household one.

"Because of You is a single with a lot of emotion. It speaks of a relationship that went downhill. Since its release, it has been doing extremely well. It has gained international recognition as far as Australia," he said. "It has major cross-over potential, and I am working to see it on major international reggae charts."

Theron decided to shoot the video to support the track, and it's slated for an early 2018 release. He said that the suspense would be worth the wait.

"The video will depict the words and feelings of the song. The ladies are on the edge of their seats, laced with anticipation, and I can assure them that the video will be everything they expected and more. The single has already got thousands of streams online, and I am grateful for the support I have been receiving," he said.

He said that fans can also look out for a new single titled Love and Hate on the Silly Season rhythm.

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