Chuck Fenda takes aim at gunmen on new song


February 23, 2018
Chuck Fenda

Chuck Fenda recently released his anti-crime record 'Jah Listening', and, in a matter of weeks, the record has already picked up momentum on local radio and at local parties.

According to the artiste, who had his controversial anti-rape social commentary record Gash Dem banned over five years ago, Jah Listening is just as brazen, as it takes aim at gunmen.

However, due to the current state of crime on the island, he doesn't think the effort will meet the same fate.

"This record will be embraced more because it is relevant to what is happening. What are we going to do? Send off more police and soldier to make more blood run?" he said.

Chuck Fenda, who recently returned from a tour in the US, said that he is pleased with the early success of the record.

"In Jamaica and across the world, we need youths to start looking into themselves and start stepping on crime. There is too much senseless killing and glorification of guns," he said.

The artiste also believes that the crime rate is based not only on socio-economic issues, but also a decline in moral and spiritual values.

"The devil is loose, and we need spiritual order and a conscious path. This is a spiritual message, and I think it can wake up the youth to look into themselves," he said. "We need to be our brothers' and sisters' keepers and have some mercy. I don't know if it's something dem a eat, but they are heartless, man. The youth dem need to pray."

The artiste is booked to perform at The University of The West Indies on Saturday.

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