Dann-I hunts international recognition


February 23, 2018

In a move to establish himself in markets outside of Jamaica, reggae singer Dann-I recently signed a deal with New York-based Donsome Booking Agency. The company, which has veteran reggae singer Marcia Griffiths on its roster, has been actively promoting its charges on the international scene.

"With Donsome Booking Agency now handling my affairs, I am looking to capitalise on what I have yet to accomplish as a professional recording artiste that is gaining more international and local recognition in the music industry," Dann-I said.

Meanwhile, the singer has been working assiduously over the past few years, resulting in radio hits such as Uncle Come, Time Nuh Wait, Tek Life, and Honey Lips.

"We are promoting a single titled When She High, produced by Sons of Spoon Music, which has been getting some positive feedback from radio, social media, and in the streets," he said. A video for the song is in the making and will be ready for release in March.

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