Versi collabs with Bounty Killer


February 24, 2018

Dancehall artiste Versi, aka Versatile, has teamed up with dancehall mogul Bounty Killer for the track The Voice.

"I got the riddim from Chris Rock to do a single of my own. I wrote the song and decided that I want 'the general' to be a part of it because of the lyrics and melody," he said.

Versi said that he then contacted Bounty Killer and told him about the idea.

"After he heard the demo, his words were, 'Yute, this song is a well-written song' ... There and then, I knew we had a hit," said Versi.

The song was released on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon last month by Johnny Wonder21st.

"I never stop working. I want my music to reach all audiences across the world. My messages are universal, and right now, I have a lot of hits in the pipeline. 2018, just look out, said Versi.

Versi is also promoting his single Wanted.

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