Dre Tosh to honour grandfather at 100 Live


February 27, 2018
Dre Tosh

Peter Tosh's grandson Andrew 'Dre' Tosh is gearing up to give a heartfelt tribute to his granddad at the special 'Reggae Month Edition' of 100 LIVE. The event will be held on Wednesday, at 100 Hope Road and features an all-reggae line-up.

"It has always been important to me to perform in honour of my grandfather. I felt a great sense of pleasure when I was given this opportunity to do a tribute performance to Peter Tosh, as I know he played a very pivotal in developing the reggae music industry," he said.

The reggae singer said that whenever he performs in honour of his grandfather, he upholds a certain standard in his performance that is reminiscent of a Peter Tosh performance. He said that this is reflected in the way he walks on stage, how he talks, how he sings, and how he interacts with the audience.

"Whenever I'm onstage, I feel like he is there with me, guiding me on how to perform. Because of this, I know that I have a responsibility to carry on the good music that my grandfather has done and perpetuate the same consciousness in my musical career."

Headlining this staging of 100 LIVE is reggae sensation and Diamond Sox singer Iba Mahr who promises a truly conscious, authentic and rootsy performance. Others on the event's line up are D-Burnz, Ras Kyleon and Ocho Rios' very own sensation J-Rile.

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