Strictly 2K moves to bigger venue


March 09, 2018
A female patron dances up a storm at last year's staging of Strictly 2K.

After an epic December staging, the millennials' favourite throwback event, Strictly 2K Best of the 2000s, returns to open the summer festivities on May 25.

It is no secret that Strictly 2K is one of the most anticipated events going into the summer, and the promoters, ZJ Chrome and Jamrock Entertainment Management (JEM), are well aware that patrons are eager to see what's in store for this staging.

"We were very appreciative of the overwhelming support we received in December," Chrome said.

Understanding that space eventually became a problem because the venue was packed to capacity, he said that immediately after the last event, plans were afoot to fix the problem.

"We made it a top priority of ours to ensure that it doesn't happen again. It is for this reason we moved the event to Mas Camp," Chrome added.

The organisers also expressed that with the change of venue, a VIP area will also be introduced.

JEM's marketing and communications director IB Konteh noted that patrons can also expect a change in the entertainment package.

"We have great surprises for our patrons, and we are very excited to see how well these surprises will be received," he said.

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