General Trees adds to flavour to curry goat cricket


April 17, 2018
This youngster skillfully bats his ball.
General Trees entertains the audience with his catalogue of songs.
This competitor was very focused as he sang his heart out in the singing contest.
Kids also got the opportunity to enjoy the day.
Jean Houston shows off her cooked corn while at the IGL Curry Goat Cricket series in St Elizabeth last Sunday.
This IGL employee participates in a singing competition.

The IGL Curry Goat Cricket series kicked off at the Manley Horne Park cricket ground in Ballards Valley, St Elizabeth, last Sunday, but after the cricket match, veteran entertainer General Trees had spectators who remained at the venue in a festive mood.

And despite his voice being slurred, his witty lyrics combined with the storytelling element in his songs had the patrons listening attentively while some broke out into dance.

Although there was a bit of technical difficulty, General Trees was happy to perform on beats he didn't voice his songs on or even a cappella.

Between his energetic performance that also involved a lot of dancing, he paused to make his signature shout of 'Glory.'

Songs such as Mosquito Invasion, Eye Nuh See and Minibus had the small crowd roaring in approval.

The artiste, who says he is always being booked locally and internationally, explained that he enjoys being at sporting events.

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