Platinum Kids ready to repeat


April 27, 2018
Platinum Kids

Platinum Kids, who had been two of the most sought-after DJs in 2017, with tours in the US and the Caribbean, have grown their fan base worldwide as a result of their 2017 US Rumble win.

On May 5, Platinum Kids will return to the Irish and Chin US Rumble national championship to defend their title, and they are very confident the trophy will come right back to them.

"One thing about Platinum Kids is our ability to connect with the audience and entertain. This year, US Rumble have a good line-up, many great sounds, some sounds with way way more dubplates than Platinum Kids, but dem still nuh bad like Platinum Kids," said Markus Wanted, Platinum Kids MC.

For Platinum Kids, the ability to return to World Clash is their only focus right now.

"As we travel the world, many have told us they are proud a juggling sound reach so far, and many have taken it a step further and called us the game changers. We accept that title as the game changers, but nothing will satisfy our hunger like winning that world clash trophy" said Paul Platinum, Platinum Kids Selector.

Platinum Kids must defeat six other sounds - Banky Hype, Black Magic, Jah Mikey One, Revolution, Dynamq and Webbzite.

Established in 2016 by Irish and Chin, the Rumble Series consists of six clashes in six countries, which serve as the preliminary clashes for the renowned World Clash, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018.

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