Upbeat Capleton heads to court

May 14, 2018
Capleton in full flight on stage.

Christopher Townsend, the attorney for popular entertainer Capleton, says the artiste is in good spirits and is happy for the outpouring of support he has been receiving particularly from those in the industry.

Townsend told the STAR that his client's reputation throughout his career has allowed him to enjoy a certain level of faith, many of his other colleagues who have had run-ins with the law have never experienced. He explained that Capleton has always prided himself on being a law-abiding citizen, and his track record has people wanting all the facts of his case to come to the light before making any judgement.

"He has been getting a whole heap of support from the industry. You have to understand that Capleton has never been in any trouble, never been arrested for anything before, so all of this is new to him and has many people holding back on their judgement," he said. "He has never been in trouble with the law any at all, and he is also holding on to that. He's a strong person and he has a philosophy that says 'good over evil', so he's waiting on his day in court and he's anticipating that justice will be served."




Speaking of his day in court, the lawyer revealed that the 51-year-old deejay will make his first court appearance today at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. His attorney is hoping the artiste will make bail. Townsend expressed satisfaction at the fact that persons looking in have not condemned the entertainer, but are instead waiting as they should on the facts of the case. "The weight of the evidence is really in support of what he (Capleton) is saying. Clifton has lived an exemplary life and people are giving him the benefit of the doubt based on that."

Capleton, whose birth name is Clifton Bailey, remained in police custody on the weekend after he was arrested and charged with rape by detectives at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) on Friday. It is alleged that the 'Fire Man' had sexual intercourse with a young woman against her will at his hotel room on April 28. Reports say the woman was hired to groom the artiste's hair.

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