‘I have no problem with MoBay’ - Bluugo denies trying to start feud with western artistes

February 21, 2019

Dancehall artiste Bluugo last week revealed that he would be re-packaging himself soon as he aims to cement his place in the industry.

In that interview, the reigning Magnum King of Dancehall also spoke about the upsurge of artistes from Montego Bay as he promoted his new track Tenz.

Pointing out that Montego Bay artistes were now getting a great deal of attention in the dancehall sphere, Bluugo said he felt compelled to do something that would return some of that attention to Kingston.

However, since then, the artiste has been accused of wanting to 'drive a wedge' between artistes from both cities.

Having acknowledged those rumours, Bluugo said he wanted the public to know he did not wish to cause any division.

The artiste's publicist, Cara Vickers, revealed that earlier this week, some media houses had begun putting a spin to Tenz, labelling it an 'attack' of sorts aimed at MoBay artistes.


She expressed that the latter couldn't be further from the truth and said her client wished to clear the air.

In a statement sent to THE STAR via his publicist, Bluugo explained that his desire to reclaim some of the spotlight for Kingston artistes is coming from a place of love and that he did not wish to start any feud.

"Music is universal and I live in Jamaica, so I tend to focus my start point on dancehall because that is the genre that I chose as a profession. There's a great deal of division in music here in Jamaica but what I'm doing is paying homage to Montego Bay and Montego Bay artistes because 'the six is real' and the sixes are out," he said, referring to the slang popularised by MoBay artiste Squash.

In the statement, Bluugo said he did his song "because it just felt like the focus was moved off Jamaica as a whole in dancehall and focused primarily right now on Montego Bay".

"I just wanted to send a message to say that the Tenz are here. Seven represents completeness and, for me, so does 10. It (the song) was more about unity between the two parishes," he said. "But it's just typical of some in the dancehall space to try and create some kind of controversy ... but there is none. It's music and it's one love same way."

Bluugo expressed disappointment at those who have misinterpreted his attempt at turning the spotlight on Kingston artistes as him trying to 'start a war'.

He explained that the only 'war' he wishes to start is one where he tackles himself about being the best in the business.

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