Dovey Magnum seeks next hit with new song

February 21, 2019

While lovers were busy showering their significant others with chocolate and roses on Valentine's Day, dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum was busy releasing a new song.

Can't Leave Me Alone sees the artiste bragging about her ability to snatch away another woman's man and his subsequent inability to leave her alone.

The entertainer, who has enjoyed a surge in the dancehall space since her song Bawl Out became a hit, is hoping this new song will be the follow-up she needs to help her cement her place in the industry.

Speaking with THE STAR about the track, Magnum says that Bawl Out Nation (her fan base) is growing, so she is pushing full force.

"With the support of the fans and the fact that the song is a great song with a great melody, metaphors, lyrics, it (her new single) should do well," she said.

Dovey Magnum said that talk of her being a one-hit wonder does not faze her.

"I don't see them (haters) and I don't listen to them, because no one is a one-hit wonder. Maybe the artiste is a one-hit wonder to them, but other people might think otherwise," she said. "I just make music. I have a different ear for music, I am the female alpha and I don't make what people say and their negative comments make me feel any way. I'm just here to put out work, put out songs, and I have many more songs to come."

The artiste, who visited Jamaica for the first time in more than a decade last December, explained that her trip proved that her fan base was growing locally and that she has to do more to connect with her people more often.

She explained that with her career taking off, she is now having to strike the balance between her fans in the US and in Jamaica.

"Coming to Jamaica last year was me coming home to meet with my people and just feeling the love and respect, and I did feel that. I know there is much more out there to get, and so I know there's more out there for me to do," she said.

Dovey Magnum said she also wants to connect with other markets.

"Music nuh just stop a Jamaica or America, yuh have a whole world out there weh can take yuh thing to a different level," she said. "I have music that's on the crossover level that I'm going to drop. I'm also mixing things up with some soca, so I'm expanding my reach in the Caribbean."

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