Exotic dancer CoCo beaten at party - ... says she was attacked after refusing advances from men

February 22, 2019

Kyla Ramsay says men attacked her at a party in Portland last week.
Kyla Ramsay says men attacked her at a party in Portland last week.
After being assaulted last week, Kyla Ramsay says she believes she was targeted.
After being assaulted last week, Kyla Ramsay says she believes she was targeted.

Many may remember Coco De Thick from a story carried by THE STAR in 2017. At the time, the exotic dancer revealed that she was making a small fortune from selling 'used underwear' on the Internet.

Despite attracting a huge amount of attention as a result of that interview, the 21-year-old had remained relatively low-key, going about her business as usual. Aside from being easily recognised on the streets, the dancer, whose birth name is Kyla Ramsay, said she was usually left alone in public.

All of that changed last week, however, when the dancer was attacked by a group of men at a party in Portland.

Ramsay believes she was targeted.

In an exclusive interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, Coco De Thick revealed that the 'beat down' happened after she refused to entertain advances made by her attackers.

"I was out partying with my friends, and a guy called to me. Because I didn't talk to him, him and his friends gang me. Dem kick me, dem slap me, dem throw bottle after me, dem draw knife after me. Dem call me names, dem call me whore, dem call me dis, dem call me dat, and basically embarrassed me all because I didn't wanna talk to dem," she said.

"I feel like I was being targeted because one of the guys who was in the incident, he sent me a message on IG (Instagram) the night before and a say how me look nice. When I was in the club, a guy came to me and say somebody somewhere send him to call me and I never go. I don't know if it was him or if that was the reason and him was carrying some kind of feelings or what, but I think I was targeted."

Coco said that the incident has left her shocked and scared.

"This is the first time something like this happen. I felt very shocked. I felt embarrassed. They called me a whore, and when people was backing dem off, dem was saying: 'Why unuh defending the sell p...y gyal', and things like that. Like whoever was stopping dem shouldn't stop dem because I sell p...y so it's OK to abuse me."

investigations are ongoing

The dancer said that she reported the matter to the Port Antonio police shortly after the incident, and an attempt was made to find the men.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted the Port Antonio police, they confirmed that a report was made by Coco. They revealed that although no arrests have been made, investigations are ongoing. The cops also said that they will need her assistance in identifying the men when they are apprehended. They are hoping to make an arrest by the end of the week.

Still healing from the trauma of that night, the exotic dancer said that she wants people to know that what people choose to do for a living should not define how they are treated in public.

"I'm still a human being. Not because I used to dance or I have a website or I'm a nudist or basically a sex symbol, it don't mean that people supposed to see me and approach me a certain way or give me a certain attitude. I'm a normal person," Coco said.

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