Organisers seek funding to host Trench Town Rock

February 22, 2019
Junior Lincoln

As Reggae Month draws to a close, the Trench Town Rock concert is one of the main events still left on the roster of activities.

Following a phenomenal staging in 2017, the concert took a break last year because the organisers couldn’t obtain enough funding.

This year, although they are still hoping to host the event, the organisers are again facing financial difficulties.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR in a recent interview, Junior Lincoln, one of the chief organisers of the event, described the event as a staple on the Reggae Month calendar. He said that many were disappointed when the event was cancelled last year, and he would love to have better news to share about the event this year.

With that said, Lincoln made an appeal to those in a position to offer sponsorship to step up and assist them in making the Trench Town Rock concert for 2019 a reality.

“The Ministry of Culture and Entertainment is trying to help us. Minister Grange is very firm on continuing these events that are held downtown (Kingston). She’s all for it, but we are not yet at the level where we can comfortably say we are able to host the event,” he said. “We are pretty much short. For some reason, I don’t know why, but we just can’t get the sponsorship we need. It’s still a possibility because if we get the funds in time, then we can fast-track the organisation. We just need the help,” he said.



Lincoln said that the concert is one that residents and visitors look forward to every year. He said that it would be sad if the event cannot be preserved due to financial constraints.

“I can’t tell you what this event means to the people of Trench Town. Tourists love Trench Town, and a music event down here gives a different vibe,” he said.

“We have to keep shows like this alive because it sends a strong message. It shows that as a people, we are keen on preserving our culture.”

The concert is set for March 3 in Boys’ Town. Lincoln said that if they are unable to host the event on that day, he would love to have it held at another time during that month.

“The one thing that we don’t want to do is to cancel this year again,” Lincoln said.

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