I’m not crazy - Spotlight Kunta says he is just a happy black man

May 22, 2019
Spotlight Kunta
Spotlight Kunta

Dancehall artiste Spotlight has been making the rounds on social media in recent times, sporting a darker shade than usual as he promotes his new song, ‘Forever Black’.

While the ‘stunt’ is similar to the one pulled by dancehall artiste Spice in November – when she appeared to have altered her skin tone to open discussions surrounding colourism – Spotlight’s strategy has earned him mostly ridicule.

Social media users have been labelling the artiste as crazy with some even pointing to his recent break-up with dancehall artiste Macka Diamond as reason for his ‘breakdown’.

However, having seen some of the comments, Spotlight wants the public to know that he is far from crazy.

“If dem see me inna a darker shade and feel like say me confused, a dem confused. I’m far from crazy, and even if I was crazy, the whole system and confusion of this mighty race make we act crazy. Look pon who a bleach and the girls weh a do dem body. Keep saying that I’m mad and crazy. I’m one of the persons weh uplift, and this is my way of uplifting. Dem a go get it eventually,” he said.

Addressed critics

“The song me a promote name Forever Black, and it basically a talk bout the struggles black people face, especially when dem poor. Whole heap a people not happy in them skin, and that’s why whole heap a people inna di bleaching. Nuff youths a do songs and a praise the fact say dem a bleach, so why me can’t do one weh say me love being a happy black man? Me want the song reach people because the message inna di song a make we know we can come together and make a way, a better day.”

Spotlight also addressed critics, insisting that his latest ‘stunt’ has nothing to do with his split from Macka Diamond. Instead, he said that he has always been creative.

“I’m happy. Whole heap a foolishness a gwaan, and the people dem just sad. Me having an idea of what’s happening in the world, knowing that I’m way above that, makes me want to keep smiling. I’m a happy black man,” he said, noting that he has been doing music for more than 20 years.

He also said that the feedback to his song has been good.

“Spotlight is versatile, I have a lot to present to them. Nuff people love weh me a do. Nuff people call me and tell me say it take whole heap a guts fi do weh me a do and me must continue because if me persistent somebody will see the light. If people a say me a do things that are crazy, I understand because everybody nah go say yuh doing good. People a go say bad things, but me a focus on the good things,” Spotlight said.

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