I didn’t do it for attention - Ganggoolie says assistance given to accident victim was genuine

June 25, 2019

Last Friday night, dancehall artiste Ganggoolie was on his way from a video shoot when he stumbled upon an accident scene that caused him to spring into action. The entertainer said he was forced to exit the vehicle he was travelling in to offer assistance to an injured man, as bystanders were too busy capturing videos of the injured man in pain on the ground.

Ganggoolie lashed out at his fellow Jamaicans for their insensitive behaviour but also managed to capture his Good Samaritan moment on video. According to him, his reason for videoing the moment was purely teachable.

"I don't even did a think bout the attention. Me did just a show dem say Ganggoolie is a youth weh patriotic. Me care bout me country and me people, and me always a do good. I genuinely do this from me heart fi help this person, and I would do this over and over again. Once me deh pan a scene weh sup'm happen to somebody and me can give a helping hand, me a go dweet," he said.

"A first me ever witness anything like that. Me nuh know how some people live dem life so, but a nuh so me live fi see my fellow countryman and woman want help and me nuh help dem. Me go deh go see how much car park up and dem stand up a look pan di man. People wicked man. Yuh wah see the amount a car weh slow dung inna di traffic a look on and a take picture, and nobody fi pull over fi stop and help the person. Is like we reach a state as a nation weh we only business wid wiself. Me wah big up the youth dem weh did deh pan the scene weh help put him inna di vehicle and big up me driver too."

Ganggoolie told THE STAR that he is not a clout chaser and expressed that when other artistes document moments where they do good, they are praised.

"Weh me notice wid some people is dat when a nuh fi dem favourite artiste do things like these, dem nuh wah give yuh di respect weh yuh deserve. Only certain artiste alone do good and video it and put it up and a nuh nothing. Dem get praises, and it's not a problem dem time deh. Well, Ganggoolie was there, and he did a good thing, so it haffi document too. Is not a hype me did a look. Me just a give back to my country," he said.


He then disclosed that despite his attempts to get information on the injured man, his efforts have been futile, as he did not get any identification from the man. He said that although the man was still alive, he was in and out of consciousness and had several broken limbs when he arrived at the Spanish Town Hospital.

According to the entertainer, the accident happened in the vicinity of Bushy Park, St Catherine. It seems the man was injured in a hit-and-run accident.

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