US-based dub poet releases ‘sweet’ new single

June 25, 2019
Sonsie X
Sonsie X

Jamaica-born dub poet Sonsie X has been steadily paving her own way on the local reggae scene over the past few years. The sultry writer, who is best known for her unique delivery and provocative spins on everyday issues, is getting ready to release her highly anticipated album, 'Namaste'.

The seven-track compilation is expected to be released next month, and the poet is looking to ramp up promotions with her latest single, Strawberry Kisses. Produced by Advance Records, Strawberry Kisses will be made available on all major streaming sites in coming weeks, with a music video to follow.

According to Sonsie X, the track has been doing well.

"The song is on YouTube for promotional purposes and has been receiving positive feedback thus far. My fans can't wait for it to be out on digital platforms, not to mention the video. The video will let viewers dig deep into their minds and unlock parts of their sensuality they never thought possible," she said.

"This album has a piece that appeals to every kind of person. It's sexy, powerful, and was designed to make you want more from me. I have decided to release it in vinyl form because I want it to give off that vintage, authentic vibe. It makes my work unique."

Namaste is set to be released at the Kansas City Reggae, Music And Jerk Festival on July 19. The other songs featured on the project are The Prayer, Dear Desire, Feelings, Know You and Special Announcement, as well as a remix of Special Announcement. The album will be distributed by Extol Vibration and Pirate Press and will be available on all major digital-media platforms.


In a recent interview with THE STAR, the dub poet revealed that she never intended to build a career in poetry but that she is happy she has found her calling.

"I got involved in dub poetry when Kevin from Payday Studios told me I was too good at writing not to be performing my work myself. He said: 'Sonsie, your work is amazing! It's unique. You need to put your voice on record and start going into the studios yourself instead of selling your work or giving people your work.' I used to just write for my friends, or I'd enter writing competitions, but I never really took it serious because I just didn't think that I could," she said.

"It was honestly an invigorating feeling (getting behind the mic for the first time). I was shocked by what I heard coming out of me that day. I did not know my voice had so much power. I've always been told that I do, but I never really realised until I actually went behind the mic and I saw what it did to the people in the room. It's been such an amazing experience. I've had the opportunity to travel to so many places doing what I love."

Sonsie X recently made an appearance at Talent For Charity, an event hosted by the Donna Marie Foundation in Philadelphia. While pushing the new album, the dub poet is also promoting her book, 365 Days Of Loving. The book is a collection of poems and excerpts, and she hopes it will hit the market by September.

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