Truckload of talent at Summa Sizzle

August 12, 2019
The host Beenie Man (right) is in stitches as Beetle Bailey, the MC cracks a joke.
From left: Moya, Ryssa, Courteney, and Jenelle share lens space.
QQ came out to thrill the ladies.
Starface did a raunchy set.
Dancehall artiste Flyght in performance.
Ryssa is red hot.
Lybron, the rum boss, had a hilarious set.
Klassique delivered a decent set.
Ace selector Ricky Trooper.
General B brought back some old time favourites.
Proghress was a man on a mission.
Mizzy Bling.
Predator was a crowd pleaser.
Mr Lex in his element.

There was a truckload of talent at this year’s staging of Beenie Man’s Summa Sizzle, but what could have been an incredible night of exceptional entertainment fell short due to less than stellar organisation.

The event, which was held at the Woodleigh Sporting Complex in Clarendon, attracted a huge turnout with the venue almost filled to capacity when THE STAR team arrived at approximately 12 a.m. With a line-up that included the likes of Squash, Shane E, Sanchez, Gyptian, Charly Black and many more, the show was billed to be the biggest one-day festival in Jamaica.

But with organisers practically ‘winging’ things throughout the night, the high level of entertainment anticipated came in small dosages at different intervals throughout the night.

There was no clear set performance time for any of the artistes, and so it was ‘go as you come’. Each time an artiste arrived at the venue, they were quickly whisked to the stage for their performance. That resulted in some fresh acts performing at what would be considered prime-time slots.

Veteran entertainers Admiral Bailey and Josey Wales were two of the night’s better performers. Taking to the stage at approximately 2 a.m., both artistes took patrons on a trip down memory lane with some of their greatest hits. Bailey thrilled with songs such as Della Move, No Wey No Betta Dan Yaad, One Scotch and the Raunchy Punany.

The entertainer said he was not in 100 per cent shape but had to come out and support Beenie Man, a man who he said has supported the industry without wavering for years.

“Me did a hide him out and a tell him say me can’t make it because me foot dem nuh 100 per cent, but him say: ‘Yuh mad, even inna a wheelchair yuh affi deh yah’. And because a di respect, me come out come support.”

It was minutes to 4 a.m. when reggae artiste Gyptian graced the stage. He along with Maestro Don and the experienced Nitty Kutchie all turned in energetic performances that earned them huge forwards from the crowd.

Fantan Mojah, General B, Flyght, formerly known as Bluugo, also turned in great performances.

It was daybreak when artistes such as QQ, Laden, and Lalee touched the stage. They also delivered high-energy performances, but by this time the crowd had grown restless, waiting on the man of the moment to touch the stage. However, when THE STAR team left the venue at approximately 5:30 a.m., Beenie Man was yet to perform.

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