Body makeovers to become a staple at Candy Land

October 18, 2019
Sher Luxury Doll gets ready to host Candy Land tomorrow.
Sher Luxury Doll gets ready to host Candy Land tomorrow.

Come tomorrow night, Oneil's Place on Hagley Park Road will be transformed into Candy Land, as DHQ Sher Luxury Doll gets ready to host the second installation of her annual birthday bash.

The event is expected to see several minor changes this year, but one thing remains constant, the highly anticipated body makeover.

For the second consecutive row, one lucky female patron will leave Candy Land with the main prize of a makeover courtesy of Designer Bodies.

Party promoter and Designer Bodies brand ambassador Sher told THE WEEKEND STAR that the grand prize has been a pulling factor for the event.

"The whole body makeover giveaway is something unique to Candy Land. It's definitely one of the prizes the women look forward to and we're expecting a bigger crowd than we got last year because we're growing in the brand," she said. "This is the only event you can come to and get a total transformation as a female. It is something that we stand behind and we will continue to make it part of our event."

Sher added that if one does not have the stomach for adult events, then Candy Land is definitely not the place for them.

"If you're coming to Candy Land just know that it is rated PG 18," she said. "It is an adult event and we will be having fun as adults. The name Candy Land suggests that it's going to be fun, seductive, sexy and raunchy. Be there and expect anything."

As Candy Land continues to expand in Jamaica, Sher has already begun thinking international.

"Taking it international is something to think about. I am definitely all for expanding my brand to higher heights and international is all about growth and levelling up," she said.

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