2020 for Sting? - Heavy D says he has “good feeling” about show’s return

October 31, 2019
Heavy D
Heavy D

Sting promoter Heavy D is teasing a return of the popular show next year.

Heavy D was responding to THE STAR about the Magnum Tonic Wine brand recognising the event during its own 20th anniversary celebrations.

Earlier this week, Magnum handed over a plaque to Heavy D Promotions, crowning Sting, 'Dancehall's Big Stage Show'.

The event promoter revealed that he has been toying with the idea of reviving the show and explained that with every recognition, he realises how great the need for the event is.

"Everybody that is dancehall today came through Sting. Different from the 'now generation', everybody who is somebody performed at Sting. There was no way to bring your talent to the fore but at Sting," he said. "So if yuh talk about Sting just know it is the 'forever show' and everybody want it back. I don't say things that outta line but I think 2020 we're gonna bring it back. Sting was short of headline artistes and now I'm growing a lot of headline acts so I have a good feeling about 2020."

Dancehall culture

The event, which contributed to the development of dancehall culture for more than three decades, was discontinued in 2015 but remains the longest running dancehall stage show in Jamaican history.

"Magnum know the thing innu. They were working with us for a number of years and they know Sting is the greatest dancehall show in music history. There is no other dancehall show like Sting and there never will be," Heavy D told THE STAR. "Magnum a celebrate 20 years and based on their history and their research, who else were they going to give this award? There was nothing else to compete with Sting, so it's a just award."

Heavy D added that although the event has not been held for the past three years, that it is still getting awards, shows that "we are still the greatest one night show on Earth. Sting nuh dead, it lives on and we will see it come back".

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