Ganggoolie says colours do not indicate ‘gayness’ - Deejay defends multi-coloured ‘short shorts’ outfit

November 07, 2019

Dancehall deejay Ganggoolie is seeking to clear the air surrounding a recently released photo of himself.

In the picture, the artiste is seen wearing a multi-coloured outfit which included a pair of orange shorts. The deejay was also holding a pink handbag.

The picture was picked up by a few blog sites and soon after, speculation began swirling about whether the photo was the deejay's way of 'coming out'.

But Ganggoolie says that is not the case.

"People a say di colours weh me inna a baay gay colours, and it really make me affi wonder if a so people mind narrow. If yuh wear certain colours dat mean yuh must get branded as dat?" he questioned. "Is a music video me did a shoot innu and me put my fashion together because me is a fashionable person. When me put on my clothes me like stand out, but dis foolishness has been happening over the years and it need fi stop. People free fi wear wah dem wah wear."

The deejay expressed that although he was unfazed by the comments, he felt the need to say something because he wishes people wouldn't focus so much on other people's lives.

"Me nuh really care weh a man wah think innu, because me know wah me know. But me still can't make people have all the talk and me nuh get my say. Me affi make people know ova yah so straight," he said. "But me wish that wasn't the case. Me wish people never so focused on how other people live dem life and the choices dem make. Every man need to pay attention to dem own life."

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