NotNice bats for more variety in music - Says industry could benefit from players stepping outside the box

November 11, 2019
Billboard-charting producer NotNice
Billboard-charting producer NotNice

B illboard -charting producer NotNice believes that if Jamaica's music is to return to its glory days, the change must begin in the studio.

Pointing out that today's music lacks variety, the producer called on his colleagues to challenge, themselves, and start producing different-sounding songs.

"Yuh nah get no vibe outta these modern music because everything sound the same. Is like the people dem get fed one thing fi so long, dem forget how other things taste. Is like dem (consumers) get chicken every day, so when yuh g gi dem sumn else dem nuh want dat, dem a say gimme back the chicken. The change affi start inna di studio, so fi di 2020 weh a come, a different style we a gi dem, cuz me waan see if me can bring back some variety to dancehall," he told THE STAR.

NotNice says he has already had dialogue with some of his colleagues and he's hoping they will also play their part in adding some much-needed flavour to dancehall. He expressed that while there is a place for slackness and 'gunman' songs in dancehall, there are other topics worth exploring and he believes that the latter will happen if producers start churning out 'hit riddims'.

"There's a place for that but we need variety and it haffi start from the riddim. If a riddim bad, it nuh matter weh a artiste sing, it will work. Me already start hold a reasoning with some a me peers dem, and me a show dem say a yah so we wah go. Everybody nuh must listen to me, but fi di part weh me can play, me a go dweet," he said.

He added: "If we dweet fi di music and the betterment of it, the industry will flourish."

He went on to state that when producers and artistes start to churn out content that's different, consumers need to support it.

"If people dare to be different and do something weh unu nuh used to, it nuh get the push it deserve. We haffi support people's creativity because there is material out there that just needs the proper engine behind it."

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