STAR Chat: Take a chance on ‘new music’

November 14, 2019
Kenyon Hemans/Photographer STAR CHAT panellists Esco and ZJ Sparks.
STAR CHAT host Davina with panellists Esco and ZJ Sparks.

As discussions rage on about the state of Jamaica’s music industry, selectors are being called upon to assist with its growth and expansion.

In the most recent episode of STAR CHAT, panellists Esco and ZJ Sparks agreed that today’s music lacks variety, and say selectors play an important role in helping to diversify the entertainment landscape.

“A greater onus of this situation is on the selectors. I was a selector, Sparks is a selector and we can both attest to this. It’s not hard to fit certain types of music and genres into your segment, all you have to do is be the decision-maker, the brave person. Instead a gi wi Celine Dion and Chris Brown and some bagga man weh deh a foreign, gi wi Chronixx, gi we Protégé, gi wi Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Sevana, Lila Ike,” said Esco.

He continued: “Me nuh care who out deh a selector weh a go vex wid me or dun play me music because nuh man nuh put on my pot. Is homework some man nah do and some man nah broaden dem craft. Spend di night before and plan out a juggling, plan yuh thing and see where yuh can fit some reggae. Keep the thing alive.”

Sparks agreed, pointing out that some selectors prefer not to introduce new content because it doesn’t guarantee them certain ‘hype’.

She believes if the industry is to grow, selectors need to start taking chances.

“Some selectors fear introducing certain new songs because a lot of selectors want immediate forward. You have to be bold and introduce a song or an artiste and allow that person to grow on the audience. I don’t play with my eyes, I play with my ears. There’s a lot of new music out there that don’t get played. My advice would be to just play music. Once it sounds good and has integrity, play it,” she said.

This week’s episode of STAR CHAT will be aired Saturday, November 16 on THE STAR’s social media pages and YouTube channel.

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