Mavado back with a bang - Deejay holds number one spot on local YouTube trending list

December 11, 2019

Following the release of a new track titled 'Top Shatta is Back', fans of dancehall deejay Mavado are signalling his return to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry.

The song, which was released last Friday, is currently the number one trending video on YouTube on the island.

It has held firm in that top spot for five days, amassing close to half a million views since its release.

The track features international Internet sensation, Donovan 'Bake It' Stewart on the intro, and sees Mavado seemingly staking his claim as one of the best even amid the competition for prime position in dancehall.

" Mi hear dem a cuss and a fight fi tun boss, tell dem play hero like Sam Sharpe. Man will drink and smoke and kill dem and laugh. We nuh take styling and craft," he deejays on the track. " Cyah f**k wid the truck dem a stale parts, di street sweeper clear the way fast ... one God run the place, nothing otherwise."

Taking a break

Jordan McClure of Chimney Records, the label responsible for the track, told THE STAR that while some may see the track as Mavado's return to music, the deejay never left the scene.

"I don't think Mavado came off top form, I think maybe he was just taking a break. It seems now that he's in the mindset to take back over now and I think he's definitely ready again," said McClure. "Mavado doesn't have to re-position himself in dancehall. I think whenever he's ready to reclaim that top spot, it's literally right there waiting on him."

The producer added that based on the reaction the track has been getting, he's not surprised it currently holds the number one spot on the local YouTube trending list. However, he is not too concerned with that feat.

Pointing out that it is a track's ability to withstand time that will make it a hit, McClure said he believes Top Shatta Is Back has what it takes to go the long haul.

"It was released on Friday and then it went straight to number one trending on Friday, and to have the number one trending song in the country is always a good thing. But I don't really judge music based on that. I look at the longevity and the impact it makes with the people," he said. "I've noticed a very good response to the songs so far, not just on social media, but on the road. Every time I drive on the road, I hear a car pass playing the song. Every time I turn on the radio, I hear it playing. People linking me from all over the world about the song already and so it's definitely making an impact. I'm excited to see where it leads."

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