K’Coneil gets second taste of Billboard success - Artiste still working for crossover hit

January 06, 2020

JUNO and IRAWMA Award-nominated artiste, K’Coneil ended the year on a high after his song, ‘ Finesse and Style’, hit the Billboard charts. The song debuted at number 12 on the Reggae Digital Song sales chart.

Although not his first taste of Billboard success, the entertainer was still over the moon about the accomplishment, pointing out that it is the dream of every artiste to hit Billboard charts.

“I hit the Billboard back in 2016 when I released my EP, Love/Lust, so I’m familiar with this feeling. Nevertheless, it’s always a good thing because there’s no bigger chart,” he said.

“Every artiste wants to get a song that charts on Billboard, it’s seen as a measurement of success,” he added.

“When you put the work in and then you get the reward, it’s always amazing. My goal is to now transition from the reggae chart to the main charts, the Hot 100s, Billboard 200s, etc, and I’m gonna find the big crossover hit in 2020 that will allow me to do that.”

Having ended 2019 on a high note, the entertainer is hoping to carry that momentum with him into 2020.

“I will be putting out an EP, possibly an album, that I hope can get Grammy nominated in the reggae category; that would be dope. I’m more targeting the international scene than the local scene because I see myself taking the waves this year. I’ll be doing a lot of travelling, mainly to Europe, hoping to spread my wings in those markets,” he said.

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