Gospel Spotlight: Shirley Caesar to lead Sister’s Praise - Renowned singer to head star-studded line-up at Immaculate Conception’s charity show

January 17, 2020
Kevin Downswell
Jermaine Edwards
George Nooks
Shirley Ceaser

When Immaculate Conception High School principal Sister Angella Harris was diagnosed with stage-four cancer a year ago, one of her requests was to have a gospel concert hosted at her beloved institution before she retires.

That wish will be granted next Saturday as the school gets ready to host Sister’s Praise, a gospel concert which features internationally renowned singer Shirley Caesar.

Set to get under way on the school grounds at 6 p.m., the event will also be blessed with performances from the likes of Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards and George Nooks.

“Sister Angella has been such a tremendous person to everybody. The entire immaculate family is so grateful to have had her. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer and it has forced her into early retirement. It was her wish to really have a gospel concert and we really want to fulfil that wish,” event organiser Andrea Sangster told THE WEEKEND STAR.

“We want to send her off in fine style, so we quizzed her about who she wanted to see at the concert and then we got into talks with the various booking agents to get those acts. Everyone on the line-up, after hearing of her years of service in the education system, were really happy to come onboard. We didn’t have to ask twice,” Sangster said.

The organiser said that even Caesar was so touched by Sister Angella’s story that she responded promptly to their requests to headline the show.

“We wrote a letter to her explaining everything about Sister Angella and her years of service in education to Jamaica, and she was really happy to be a part of the event. We did the letter in the latter part of the school term (about June thereabout) and she got back in touch with us very quickly, because we confirmed her by September/October. We were so happy to get a yes.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Music Mart on South Avenue, Texaco on Constant Spring Road, Portmore Mall Pharamacy, The Jamaica Pegasus, as well as at the offices of the Immaculate Conception High School.

Platinum tickets are selling at $25,000 a pop, gold tickets cost $18,000, and silver and bronze tickets will be selling for $8,000 and $5,000, respectively.

All proceeds from the event will go to the school’s solar project.

“This is a benefit concert in her name, but being the selfless person she is, she has requested that all the money be donated to the solar project. That goes to show who she is a selfless woman with a good, pure heart. She wants the money to go back to the school she has spent so many years in service to,” Sangster said.

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